How to use anonytun on pc windows 10/8/7 dekstop version

Here now AnonyTun apk download gives you the various ways that you can try how to use anonytun vpn for pc windows 10/8/7/xp/vista dekstop version for laptop 32 or 64 bit, just read this guide step by step carefully and don’t miss any action to make sure you use anonytun app for pc.

anonytun vpn for pc windows

As we know that anonytun is an application that provides VPN service for the mobile android smartphone platform. And if we see the official website of Art Of Tunnel, developers do not offer anonytun pc version, in their official website also not found any article or tutorial how to use anonytun pro for laptop/desktop / pc or related this issue.

many questions from the user are it possible to use  anonytun software for pc?

we said yes you can..

then how to use anonytun on pc dekstop windows or mac ?

well, now stay with us to read our guide working with anonytun for windows

How to use anonytun on pc dekstop windows?

Well, to answer the question above here we will give some tutorial how to use anonytun for laptop windows. Just read and try this several guide step by step. But the main stage before starting everything make sure you already have anonytun apk on your android device. Just read the guide here AnonyTun apk download For Android we have grouped all task at this tutorial into the following 3 points :

  1. Anonytun pro for pc windows 10/8/7 with PDA net
  2. Download anonytun for windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista with bluestack
  3. Running with anonytun apk software for pc by hotspot tethering

Anonytun pro for pc windows 10/8/7 with PDA net

For this first process, we will need some additional software that created by third-party service to make the anonytun for pc working as well.

  1. PDA Net+ for Android you can download here PDA Net
  2. The second step download also the Pda net for pc version from this link Pda net PC
  3. After downloading the software above then the next step you need to install the PDA Net on your pc / desktop/laptop windows and android
  4. open your anonytun apk on your Android device, then chose the proxy server country and connected the vpn
  5. Open your Net + PDA on your Android device. Check “Activate USB Mode.” For this step, we need to use USB Cable as a link between your Android smartphone and pc / laptop/desktop windows. You can see the following image

    anonytun app for pc
    anonytun app for pc
  6. Next Step, Open PDANet software on your Desktop/laptop / PC. Make sure you have activated USB Tethering from PDANet Android, then the device will be detected by PDANet on your PC. Then click the PDA + Net on your PC and wait for the connection between laptop and Android.
    how to use anonytun on pc
    how to use anonytun on pc

    When the connection success you will see “connected status” like image bellow

    anonytun pro for pc
    anonytun pro for pc
  7. yeah… The process is complete… Now you can try to access any site that has been blocked by your ISP

Download anonytun for windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista with bluestack

Some else you need to know, bluestack is an android emulator that let you run anything android app on your laptop or PC windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista & Mac. You can get bluestack here Download bluestack

  1. After you download bluestack and install it, open your bluestack from your dekstop/laptop/PC windows, look at on the top page on right position you can see search form and type “anonytun apk” on it and then hit enter

    anonytun software for pc
    anonytun software for pc
  2. You will automatically be directed toward anonytun apps on the play store. And then you need to click the install button.

    anonytun for pc windows 8
    anonytun for pc windows 8
  3. And then anonytun need to get access from your device click “accept.”

    anonytun for windows
    anonytun for windows
  4. Wait for the download and installation anonytun for windows 10 running, and it might need a few second

    download anonytun for windows 10
    download anonytun for windows 10
  5. after the process finished at, all now click open and you have been able to run anonytun windows 7,8,10, XP or Vista that your dekstop/PC/Laptop installed.. happy surfing without a blocked website 😀
    anonytun windows 7

Running with anonytun apk software for pc by hotspot tethering

This is the another and alternative way to make flexibility using anonytun for windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista, but on this taste, you need to ROOTing your android first. We do not recommend you to use this last tips but only just for knowing.

  1. First sure you need to do rooting your android mobile/smartphone device
  2. Download the anonytun last version on your play store, install it and you be ready to the next step
  3. Download VPN Tethering apk you can get it from this link  VPN Tethering apk download that is the additional apps that we will need to work out. And the function from this apps is to Open VPN Tethering, and Connect to the VPN server that we use at this case is anonytun.
  4. Connect your anonytun app to get the proxy IP.
  5. Enable the “Personal Hotspot” on your android setting
  6. Open your PC and then connect to the wifi that you have been created from your android personal hotspot
  7. the process is completed 😀

So.. after we describe the various ways  how to use anonytun pro for pc windows 10/8/7 are you still have trouble ?? leave a comment below if you get something error…

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